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HungryPanda Supports Dragon Boat Festival in Australia

On June 24, 2023, a two-day Dragon Boat Festival event took place at the Chinese-Australian History Museum in Melbourne. The event was jointly organized by the Chinese-Australian History Museum and the Melbourne Chinatown Association to allow local Chinese residents to experience the atmosphere of traditional festivals. As a sponsor of the event, HungryPanda prepared fresh zongzi, tea drinks, and other festival gifts for everyone at the event.

HungryPanda Supports Father’s Love in a Foreign Land

The third Sunday of June is Father's Day. In Wu Guanzhong's work, fatherly love is the oar of the rocking boat and the thread that mends the quilt. Among the many delivery riders at HungryPanda, there are also fathers who constantly demonstrate their love through their actions, which is resilient and selfless.

Interview with HungryPanda CEO Kelu Liu: China leads the global delivery industry by at least 5 years. What challenges does Chinese cusine face when going global?

At just 27 years old, Eric Liu harbors a grand aspiration: "leading Chinese cusine to the world". Recently, Forbes released its 2023 30 Under 30 list in Europe. Kelu Liu, the founder and CEO of HungryPanda was selected for the list and became the cover face for the 'Reatil & Ecommerce' sector. Kelu Liu's journey to this recognition is reflected by Hungry Panda's outstanding performance in the realm of international Chinese delivery services.

In-Depth Analysis of the Logic Behind HungryPanda’s New Logo

In recent days, a label saying "HungryPanda is no longer blue" has received a lot of attention on social media. Behind this label is an overseas Chinese food delivery platform that has completed a brand upgrade. The most significant change is the re-adjustment of the logo, IP, and related brand elements, with the color scheme changing from blue and white to yellow and black.

30 Under 30 Europe 2023 Callouts

Kelu “Eric” Liu founded the UK-based HungryPanda in 2017 to give Asian expats a taste of home. His food delivery company offers customers Asian ingredients, groceries and traditional-style meals that have been historically hard to find in the western cities. “It's very difficult for users to find authentic Asian restaurants on local platforms,” Liu, who immigrated to the U.K. from China, tells Forbes.

HungryPanda Deepens Cooperation with Alipay+, Introduces HKD Settlement Services

On December 14, the world's leading Chinese food delivery platform, HungryPanda, officially reached a deep cooperation with Alipay+, launched by Ant Group, in the UK. HKD settlement services will be introduced nationwide, providing a better one-stop cross-border payment experience for users from Hong Kong.

How Did HungryPanda Become a Capital Hotspot in the Chinese Food Delivery Sector??

Affected by the pandemic, the food delivery industry has experienced rapid growth. With technological advancements in recent years and the continuous improvement of digitization in various countries in Europe and the Americas, the food delivery industry, as an emerging market, has significant potential and room for growth. The current global food delivery market size is $64 billion, and according to the calculations and analysis of, an international authoritative research institution, the compound annual growth rate of the food delivery industry will reach 15.94% by 2028.