Business Operation Specialist

UK: Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lancaster; Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane; New Zealand; France: Paris; USA; Canada

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• According to the monthly goals set by line managers,fully research,implement efficiently,complete performance indicators,and review and improve regularly

• Independently conduct business negotiations and reach cooperation with merchants,and be responsible for product training,information collection and entry

• Regular visits to merchants to actively solve the problems encountered by merchants in their daily operations

• According to business needs and data indicators,operate in an effective way to promote the increase of business transaction volume

• Manage and maintain a healthy and stable strategic partnership between merchants and the platform,and win-win cooperation between the two parties

Job requirements

• Working experience in business negotiation is preferred

• High sensitivity on market,strong expansion ability,strong ability to develop customers from new market

• Excellent teamwork ability,cooperate with the team to promote business cooperation,and be able to efficiently complete business negotiations in dependently

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  • United Kingdom

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • New Zealand

  • United States

  • France

  • Canada

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