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General Enquiries


    Order and payment

    What payment methods are supported by HungryPanda currently?
    Alipay, WeChat, Online Payment (Debit card / Credit card) are available.

    In the process of online payment, the order shows that the payment is not successful, however, the payment is deducted. What should I do?
    Please do not be worried, update the page to check. This problem may occur, because the data from bank or Alipay could not be immediately transferred to HungryPanda. If “Not Payment” is still displayed after half an hour, please open the APP, copy the order number on the order page, send it to the customer service, and the customer service will help you.

    Why would I be prompted that "this is an abnormal account and this order cannot be placed an order"?
    Including (but not limited to) the following actions, your account will automatically be banned (customer service could not have the right to unblock) i)Have had a false transaction (made up an order that did not exist in real trading) ii)Have malicious orders

    How to withdraw and recharge the balance in HungryPanda account?
    Relating to the balance withdrawal and recharge, you could directly contact with the customer service to help you deal with it. Payment by balance in HungryPanda account is not available at present. This payment method will be available later, so stay tuned.

    How long does it take for the balance withdrawal?
    The balance is estimated to be returned into your payment account within 1-7 business days. Due to possible delays in bank processing, please refer to the actual billing statement.


    What kinds of coupons are currently available on the platform?
    i)“New User Coupon”: Open the App, click the “New User Coupon” on the homepage, enter the mobile phone number and verification code, the “New User Coupon” will be directly put into your account and could check in “My Red Envelope”.Only one coupon is used for each order, and the coupon is not changed.
    ii)Invite a friend to become a new user of HungryPanda and your invited friend will receive the coupon you sent. If your invited friend competed the online payment order with a paid amount more than 5 GBP within 7 days without refund, regardless of whether your use that coupon, you can get the “Bonus Coupon“. The “Bonus Coupon“ will be placed in your account within 48 hours after the successful online order payment by your invited friend. You can view it in the HungryPanda App - My - My Red Envelope. Please be noted that the friend you invite must be a new user of HungryPanda. The same mobile phone number, the same device, and the same payment account are considred as the same user.
    iii)“Lucky Coupon”: Enter the mobile phone number and verification code, you can receive coupons of different amounts, and check them in “My Red Envelope”

    What are the conditions for new users to use this “New User Coupon”?
    The user places order in HungryPanda App at the first time could use this “New User Coupon”. It should be noted that this coupon could only be used once with the same device, the same mobile number or the same account of this new user.

    Which merchants could provide coupons? What kinds of coupons these merchants could provide?
    Merchants participating in the promotion will have a promotional sign on their listing page and specific coupons could be viewed on detailed page of relative promotional activities or relative merchants.

    I have reached the amount required by relative coupons and why not for allowing me to use this coupon?
    The coupons are calculated based on the total amount of the food in the relative orders, which would not include the fee for delivery and package.

    If the online payment orders are automatically canceled due to unpaid payment, will these orders still be considered to have been used for coupons?
    No. If it is an unpaid online payment order, you could cancel this order first (Or the system will automatically cancel this order for you after 15 minutes). Then this order will be considered as an invalid order and then you could place another orders with the same coupon.

    What does it mean to pay for overtime?
    The merchants promise that if the orders are delivered beyond the promised time (calculated from the time the users place the orders), the orders will be charged at a discounted price. Due to inclement weather, excessive time for preparing certain foods, or other factors, merchants may choose to extend their commitment time or not commit. The overtime payment is not applicable to the orders for reservation.

    Questions relating to City and its membership

    What are the privileges of members?
    i) Exclusive takeaway delivery fee exemption privilege After purchasing a member, you can enjoy the privilege of reducing the delivery fee if you order a certain amount of money.
    ii)merchant red envelope privilege After purchasing a member, you will immediately have a certain number of merchant red envelopes in the current city (the default is 3). The red envelope will be used within 31 days from the date of purchase of the member. Theunused red envelope will expire automatically. Please pay attention to the validity period of the red envelope;
    iii) Set orders to win red envelopes From the first order after you purchase the member, the first order, the 6th order, the sign-in can receive the merchant red envelope, the 10th order sign-in to receive the cash red envelope, the order accumulation is valid for the current month, and the monthly rotation; The redemption of the order red envelope shall be valid for at least 10 days after receipt, and the cash red envelope shall be valid within one month after receipt;

    Are there any restrictions on member purchase?
    Within 31 days, you (same account, mobile number, device number) can only purchase members at most once in one country.

    How to buy a member?
    At present, members are only open to purchase for users in some pilot cities. Users who are eligible to purchase can see the member's purchase entrance. If they do not see the entrance or are unable to participate, it may be that your city has not yet opened the membership service.

    How do members unsubscribe?
    After the member expires, if you do not renew the fee, the user will be unsubscribed automatically. The member cannot be unsubscribed during the validity period, and the paid fees will not be refunded.

    Is there a restriction on the use of member red envelopes?
    i) Most members have no threshold for the red envelope, but each order must be paid at least 0.01 yuan. If the deductible is less than the amount of the red envelope, it will be charged 0.01 yuan.
    ii) Each red envelope can only be used once, and cannot be superimposed or split.
    iii) The red envelope must be used within the validity period. The expired red envelope will be invalid immediately. Please pay attention to the validity period of the red envelope.

    Other Questions

    How to make a complaint about dissatisfaction with the merchant service?
    You can click on the feedback in the order details page to complain to the customer service after the order has been evaluated, or call the HungryPanda take-out customer service hotline (see bottom of page).

    How to contact customer service to solve the problem?
    You can contact online customer service or call the customer service hotline in "My" - "Service Center" (see bottom of page).

    Why can't I locate the mobile client I use?
    Please check your phone's network and whether it's turned on. If it is confirmed to be normal, try to locate it in outdoor or wifi environment.

    How to modify my account information?
    The HungryPanda takeaway is a HungryPanda account. You can modify your personal account information on the “My” page or modify your personal account on the HungryPanda account page.

    Why do I sometimes need to enter a SMS verification code?
    In order to protect your account security and business interests, you will be prompted to enter a SMS verification code for new users and some ordering systems with abnormal behavior. If you have not received the SMS verification code, you can also choose to answer the voice verification code.

    Delivery Policy
    HungryPanda will delivery the products or foods to your home within no more than two hours. If the delivery time cross that limit. HungryPanda will call our customer and refund as the case may be.

    Refund / Cancelation Policy
    If customers apply cancel service before we finish our service(Within 2 hours). We will refund the money to their balance within 3 minutes. And we will refund to their account within 2 working days if the customers need refund to their PayPal or Bank Account .