Delivery Operation

UK: London, Southampton, Brighton, Cardiff, Bristol; Australia: Sydney; USA; Canada

Main Duties and Responsibilities

• Responsible for driver recruitment,interview drivers according to the onboarding process

• Arrange drivers according to market conditions to ensure sufficient regional capacity

• Standardize the process of delivery staff to receive orders,take orders,and deliver orders to ensure the quality of delivery

• Monitor the performance of drivers,including delivery efficiency,attendance rate,order error rate,etc

• Responsible for the salary settlement of drivers in the region,establishing and maintaining a reward and punishment system for drivers

• Deployment and processing of specialorders

Job requirements

• Possess management and deployment skills

• Fluent in both Chinese and English,able to communicate well with local drivers

• Serious and responsible,good communication,good pressure-bearing ability

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  • United Kingdom

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • New Zealand

  • United States

  • France

  • Canada

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