Help you accurately target overseas Chinese users

Our Advantage
  • Accurate customer targeting

    Focus on overseas Chinese market to target

    Chinese customers working abroad

  • Huge user base

    HungryPanda serves more than 100,000 Chinese abroad every day, providing an enormous built-in customer base

  • Comprehensive user coverage

    Choose popular Chinese restaurants and supermarkets, reaching the target group firmly and precisely

  • Rich promotion experience

    Cooperation with Alibaba,, Xiangyuan Food, etc. making it cost-effective to increase exposure

  • Diverse advertising channels

    Online app advertisements + offline recommendations provide a variety of advertising channels

  • Win-Win Cooperation

    Being a HungryPanda partner minimises the risks of losing customers during a crisis and maximizes expansion opportunity. It’s a win-win!

Channel 1

APP Launching Page Advertisement

  • Automatic exposure for 3 seconds per stay
  • Full screen display (click link to jump)
  • Covers a wide range of users
  • High impact

Channel 2

App Home Page BANNER-1

  • Display area is eye-catching, attracting a wide range
    of potential customers
  • All day (24 hour) display
  • Linkable to website
  • Advertisement can be displayed continually

Channel 3

App Home page BANNER-2

  • Advertisement can be geo-located to target users in different cities
  • All day (24 hour) display
  • Linkable to website
  • Advertisement could be shown continually
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